3rd Biobased & Recycled Textiles

Event date: 2024-03-18T08:00:00+01:00

Location: Rotterdam Netherlands

Moving towards a circular economy is vital to address the enormous textile waste challenges of the industry.

The EU EPR for textiles  mandates the compulsory collection and sorting of textile waste by 2025. In order to meet these regulatory requirements, the textile industry must significantly increase its recycling capacity and foster collaboration among different players within the value chain.

At the heart of this transformation are also investments in biobased textiles, derived from renewable resources such as plant fibers. Biobased textiles offer a sustainable alternative to conventional fabrics, reducing dependency on non-renewable resources and minimizing the environmental footprint of the textile industry.

Circularity in textiles goes beyond material choices. Design for longevity, repairability, and end-of-life considerations are integral aspects of creating a circular economy.

In summary, the EU's commitment to biobased and recycled textiles, reduction on overconsumption , promoting reuse models reflects a strategic move towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious textile industry.

The 3rd Biobased & Recycled Textiles event brings together the entire textile supply chain to share developments in reducing environmental footprint for the industry.

Some of the key highlights to be covered include 

And many more…

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An exclusive site visit to Erdotex is also planned on the 18th (from 8:45 to 12:30).

About Erdotex

The Dutch Erdotex Group is involved in the collection and sorting of post-consumer discarded textiles. The collected used textile is first categorized per type. Next the textiles are assessed for quality and sorted into high quality products for re-use. Through our personal and versatile approach Erdotex can meet all customers desires. Erdotex disposes of a state-of-the-art production facility where high level automation is integrated with the meticulous manual labor of textile quality grading. Hence ensuring a professional and reliable sorting process.

Please note that there is a separate fee of €195 for this site visit. 

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